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More than 70 years manufacturing machines for setting eyelets, rivets, hooks, press fasteners...

Salvador Puig Jover conceived the idea of company 70 years ago, and in 1942 the company was founded at Elche, in the province of Alicante, Spain. The early development of our company was, therefore, during the difficult pos war years.

Initially bases on the manufacture of setting machines required at the time by the show industy, the company has now developed into a prime supplier of setting machinery for the Show Fashion, Belt and Leather, Workwear, Stationery and Industrial Textile industies, marketing it's products all over the world.

The company now combianes the technical strengths of 3 generations of the family with the highest quality materials to produce machines to set eyelets, hooks and loops for the shoe industy, large sail, grommet (spur) and sheet eyelets and washer for the industrial textile industry, rivets, presss fasteners and all forms of 2 piece fasteners.

Our modern design and high quality products have earmed the confidence of our customers and this provides the momentum for our ongoing development programme. Our Internet presence further demostrates our complete commitment to our customers and markets achieved its's objective.

Thank you for your interest in our company and best regards from the team at S.P. JOVER S.L.

Salvador Puig Jover. Company founder Salvador Puig Soriano Salvador Puig Bernabeu
Salvador Puig Jover 
Company  founder.
Salvador Puig Soriano Salvador Puig Bernabeu